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Every person’s situation and needs are unique, so the treatment approach should be too.

At Access Recovery Solutions we provide Medication Assisted Treatment (OTS) – the most up-to-date, effective and research based model. This modality addresses all aspects of opiate/opioid dependence – biological, psychological, and social. In other words we treat the “whole” person.

To withdraw from opioids safely it is considered preferable, and in some cases necessary, to undergo medically supervised withdrawal management. Here is where we are different than other providers. The length of withdrawal management and tapering process is individualized according to each client’s (1) tolerance and (2) ability to maintain stabilization throughout the treatment process.

Medications are an effective tool in the patient’s recovery process. Professional counseling and medication management address withdrawal symptoms, as well as psychosocial foundations of addiction. This has been shown to substantially reduce the risks of health complications while limiting the likelihood of relapse.

Individuals struggling with dual diagnosis often faced with overlapping mental health conditions and addiction. Experience professionals of ARS combined the most successful prospects of mental health care and substance abuse treatment to heal the whole person.

The ultimate goal of treatment at Access Recovery Solutions is to assist each and every client to live a happy and drug free lifestyle.